Wastewater pumps



Small pumps with capacity up to 15 l/sec

Flygt pumps for slightly contaminated waste water or more aggressive mediums pumping.

 Types of flow parts and code designation of pumps

N-self-cleaning impeller
C-channel impeller
D-vortex impeller
M-grinding impeller
C3045 / D3045 C3057 / D3057 C3085 / D3085 / N3085
Pumps series 3045 can be equipped with impeller of type C or D
Pumps series 3057 can be equipped with impeller of type C or D

Leaflet of pumps series N

D3080 M3068 / F3068  
Wear resistant submersible pumps for liquids with large solids.
Self-cleaning pump grinds the solids turning them into a fine substance, prevents clogging of the pipeline.
Thus, the pump is ideally suited to the LTA system, which uses small diameter pipes over one kilometer from municipal sewer system.




Midsize pumps with capacity up to 500 l/sec

Pumps for slightly contaminated waste water or more aggressive mediums pumping.

N-self-cleaning impeller
C-channel impeller
D-vortex impeller
F-cutting bed impeller
M-grinding impeller


Self-cleaning impeller N 3085 - N 312


Self-cleaning impeller N 3153 - N 3301


Channel impeller C 3085 - C 3300


Types of flow parts and code designation of pumps


Pumps of capacity up to 1500 l/sec

Horizontal propeller pumps for pumping large volumes at low heads.

Stainless steel - ASTM 316L is the steel resistant to corrosion in virtually all aggressive mediums. For less aggressive mediums steel ASTM 304 (CI

Direct drive - no mechanical gearbox increases the operational reliability.

Electric motor - multi-pole asynchronous motor with squirrel-cage rotor and protection class H against thermal overload.

Shaft seal - own patented seal design protects the motor against leakages and consists of external and internal mechanical seals, combined into a single cartridge.

Axial wheel - designed for maximum hydraulic efficiency. Required characteristics of pumping for particular application is achieved by welding the impeller blades at certain angles to the hub.

Convergent pipe forming the flow - it has a unique shape that minimizes the flow losses and prevents occurrence of vortices.



Pumps for other production capacities

​Axial pumps have capacity up to 5,000 liters per second and are used for wastewater treatment plants and stormwater stations, for land drainage and irrigation, at fish farms and water attractions. Requirements for the pump capacity and conditions at work sites vary depending on the project, but the modular design of the pumps makes them ideally suited for a wide range of applications and specific requirements.

Pumps series P 7000 and 3000 can be easily installed in a steel or concrete column (L-installation).

Pumps series P 4600 are effective when working through the wall between two sumps. Pumps P 4600 are very compact and use multi-pole motors with a wide range of blade wheels without mechanical gears.

Channel impeller C 3231 - 3800
Pumps LL 3085 - 3300
Pumps LL 3356 - 3602
Pumps PL 3127 - 3152, 7045 - 7121


Vortex pumps of stainless steel

Flygt pumps of series 8000 complement the standard range of Flygt wastewater pumps. Their capacity is up to 55 l /sec and developed head up to 60 m. The 8000 series are made of high quality stainless steel that can withstand abrasive fluids.

  • This series of stainless steel pumps is one of the most reliable, efficient and cost-effective on the market.
  • They can be installed as submersible.
  • Due to the vortex impeller the risk of clogging and blocking the pump is eliminated.