As a rule, currently, 30-70% of the total energy consumption at wastewater treatment plants occurs during the stage of biological treatment. By increasing the efficiency of your aeration system, you can significantly reduce the energy costs.

Xylem offers a wide range of solutions for the stage biological treatment – beginning from aeration systems, technological calculations of the process up to "turnkey" projects. For more than 40 years, Flygt and Sanitaire offer comprehensive solutions in the field of aeration, meeting any requirements and operating conditions. From fine-bubble aeration systems based on membrane or ceramic diffusers to coarse bubble aeration systems and mechanical aerators, this equipment allows to reduce capital and operational costs.

Flygt ejector aerators

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Ejector aerators are a flexible solution based on Flygt pumps for aeration of sludge tanks, balancing reservoir or reservoirs of biological treatment of small and medium sizes. The main advantages of the ejector aerators Flygt are easy installation and low operating costs.

Combination of innovative design of ejector, protected from clogging and proven N-technology of pumping of Flygt production provides high reliability and versatility of installation, reducing installation and maintenance costs.

Main applications areas for Flygt ejector aerators are aeration of sludge in aerobic digestion tanks and deodorizing (odor reduction) in various blending tanks. This equipment can also be used in the biological treatment facilities, especially industrial wastewater (eg, wine, fish farms, pulp and paper industries and others.)

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Sanitaire Aeration systems

Sanitaire is the world-famous brand in the field of aeration, founded in 1967. As a technology leader, Sanitaire company presented to the world the following innovations: the first coarse bubble broadband diffuser made of stainless steel, the first ceramic disc diffuser, the first disc diffuser with membranes of EPDM of high-purity, proprietary gas purification system for ceramic diffusers, as well as the first membrane disc diffuser of low pressure.

For our buyers of aeration system, Sanitaire is a synonym of the highest quality and efficiency. Elaborate design of our diffusers and air distribution systems will provide long service lifetime and superior oxygen transfer efficiency, proving its benefits for more than 30 years in thousands of installations worldwide.

Defer to our engineering expertise in aeration and let us assist you in the choosing of type, size and design of the aeration system, taking into account all your specific requirements.