Ozone generators

Ozonation is the most eco-friendly water treatment technology based on the use of ozone. Ozone is one of the most potent oxidants which can be prepared by technological means. It is widely used for water treatment at municipal and industrial plants. The main advantage of ozone is its environmental friendliness. Harmful substances, colorants, scents and microorganisms are destroyed by oxidation, without forming hazardous chlorinated byproducts.

Ozone is a natural gas substance, it often presents in the environment. The ozone layer protects the planet from ultraviolet solar radiation; low concentrations of ozone can be formed at flashes of lightning, or in the hot summer days. It is often associated with air pollution that forms a negative image, but this view is wrong. If applied properly, ozone is an effective and environmentally safe alternative to oxidation using chlorine, adsorption (e.g., by activated carbon) or separation (e.g., at reverse osmosis).

Oxidative effect of ozone


Ozone consists of three atoms of oxygen. Under normal, close to Earth conditions, it is very unstable and therefore very reactive. A number of organic and inorganic compounds rapidly react with ozone molecule - either through direct effect on the ozone molecule or indirectly - via hydroxyl radicals. Typically, in this oxidation process ozone completely reacts to form oxygen. Any residual ozone in the exhaust gas is converted into oxygen in residual ozone destructor.

High technologies on guard for the environment

Experts of Xylem developed a special technology that allows use of ozone properties in various fields. In addition to purification of drinking water and wastewater, ozone is used in bleaching (e.g., of cellulose), as well as in industrial oxidation. Besides, the ozone treatment installations are successfully applied in conjunction with UV cleaning or disinfection with hydrogen peroxide, representing the process of d p oxidation which helps neutralize the harmful substances in the water.

Fields of application of ozone

Drinking water

• Improved flocculation
• Reduction of color, taste and odor
• Oxidation of Fe/Mn
• Disinfection
• Reduction of the total organic carbon content (such as trihalomethane)
• Destruction of substances that affect endocrine system

Substances that can be oxidized by ozone

• NO2 (nitrite)
• Fe (iron)
• Mn (Manganese)
• CN (cyanide)
• Means for agriculture protection (pesticides)
• EDTA (ethylenediaminotetraacetic acid)
• NOx (nitrogen oxides)
• H2S
(Hydrogen sulphide and other odorous substances)
• Chlorine-containing hydrocarbons
• PAC (Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons)
• Dyes
• Medications, compounds that destroy endocrine activity products


• Reduction of COD
(Chemical Oxygen Demand)
• Discoloration
• Destruction of tensides
• Destruction of phenols
• Sludge treatment
• Destruction of AOX
• Destruction of substances that affect the endocrine system
• ...

Service water

• Treatment of cooling water (eg, at power plants)
• Water treatment in swimming pools
• Treatment of water for rinsing at the beverage production plants
• ...

Products purification and finishing

• Improved viscosity (e.g., of starch)
• Increase the shelf life of food products (eg, lettuce)
• Surface treatment (eg, lamination, coating)


• Bleaching of cellulose (in pulp and paper industry)
• China clay (kaolin)

Oxonolysis / synthesis

• Synthesis of new products
• Product Modification

Removal of odors

• H2S oxidation (exhaust gases)
• Mercaptans


WEDECO systems EFFIZON®evo

We create compact systems that let us get maximum ozone at minimal operating costs – they are installations of WEDECO EFFIZON®evo series. The patented electrodes used in them allow produce ozone from oxygen or air, and their action is based on the principle of silent discharge. Due to this technology, generation of large volumes of ozone becomes extremely cost-effective and completely safe for the environment and workers. The basic principle of the EFFIZON®evo technology is maximum efficiency and absolute reliability at low cost.

It is very easy to use ozone. Oxygen and power are the primary resources. Electrodes EFFIZON®evo are the key elements of the system, effectively using these resources for ozone generation. Ozone generation technology also requires cooling water which serves to remove heat and maintain the process efficiency. This perfect interaction between components and process is the basis for the high performance, flexibility and reliability of WEDECO ozone generation systems.


Electrode EFFIZON®evo allows to achieve the level of reliability and energy efficiency which is inaccessible at other technologies. A distinctive feature of this electrode is a unique dual spark gap. Ozone is generated on both sides of the insulator, which provides low power consumption at the maximum ozone generation. This technology is the main indicator of the effectiveness of WEDECO ozone generators.

The electrodes are made of inert materials that makes them resistant to possible corrosion. This means that the WEDECO ozone generators are virtually maintenance free, excluding the need for regular cleaning and replacement of the electrodes. Complete and maximally optimized solution for increasing ozone generation efficiency, significantly reducing power consumption.

Overview of advantages

  • High efficiency and guaranteed performance
  • Reduced energy intensity by up to 20%
  • High operational reliability and operational performance monitoring - start takes less than two minutes
  • Use «Plug and play» principle - the system is fully ready for installation and connection, as well as equipped with all the necessary instrumentation
  • Robust construction, allowing operation in heavy conditions
  • Easy installation and operation
  • The lowest after-sales cost on the market, achieved thanks to the almost complete absence of necessary maintenance
  • Patented electrode technology
  • The Certificate of Compliance of Gosstandart of Russia (GOST R) and Certificate of Compliance with sanitary-epidemiologic and hygienic requirements of EurAsEC
  • European CE Certificate.
  • Official production testing prior to shipment to the customer
  • The warranty period for EFFIZON®evo electrodes is 10 year


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