Drainage pumps

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Wear-resistant drainage pumps with a wide field of application. They can be made of aluminum to reduce the weight, of stainless steel to achieve corrosion resistance or of cast iron for durability and wear resistance..



Pumps series 2000

Pumps series 2600

Drenage01  Drenage02
Unpretentious and reliable, durable submersible pumps. 

Mobile universal self-priming pumps are designed for drainage, dewatering an groundwater lowering.

More information about mobile self-priming pumps is presented on Godwin website:
Item N (kWt) Max. Q (l/s) Max. H (m)
2071    3,0 10 /16 35 /18
2075    5,5 38 /66 77 /22
2125  13,5 8 118
2201  37,0 63 /125 90 /24
2250  54,0 110/260 57 /34
2400  90,0 55 /150 205/95
3080    5,5 23 37

2600-th series of Flygt production represents a decisive breakthrough in the drainage pump technology. The revolutionary design makes these pumps extremely durable and reliable and at the same time easy to service that results in reduced maintenance costs.

All our self-priming pumps are easy to transport and, therefore, are suitable for use in any location where it is necessary to pump fluids.


Pumps series 2700

Pumps series Ready

Drenage04  Drenage05
Fields of application
  • Removing water from construction sites
  • Industrial drainage
  • Drainage of wells and mines
  • Pumps for rescue operations during floods

Abrasive fluid cause severe wear and corrosive liquids have a big difference of pH values. Therefore, special pumps are needed for extreme operating conditions. Pumps of new series 2700 are made of stainless steel for greater strength and durability. Models are intended for drainage and solids pumping.


Pumps Ready are specifically designed as a lightweight but powerful pumps, durable and resistant to shocks, for a wide range of applications, such as removing water from sites and industrial areas, drainage of cable chambers and use in rescue operations.

Item Power (kWt) Max.Q (l/s) Max.H (m)
READY 4     0,4 4 10
READY 8     0,75 5 14
READY 8S     0,9 7 12
Dewatering pumps Manual
Отличительные свойства насосов серии Ready
  • Выполнен из прочного и лёгкого материала
  • Малый вес
  • Гладкий корпус с малым сечением
  • Класс изоляции F
  • Резиновый сетчатый фильтр днища обеспечивает амортизацию ударов (Ready 4 & 8)
  • Кабель с системой Plug-in, оснащенный штифтовым контактом
  • Изменяемое положение напорного патрубка, от вертикального до горизонтального