Our Values

Purpose of our activity is increase of income and profit as well as welfare of our employees and partners on the basis of growth of professionalism and competence of personnel and introduction of the recognized and successful experience and standards of corporate development and management.

We understand the need for modern economy for development of highly professional engineering complex decisions within specialized projects and branches with use of the most modern standards and experience.

Intermach LLC intends to develop as an effective engineering company with focused specialization in the field of water and electric equipment delivery and technical and commercial services providing at the high professional level.

As a key factor of success we consider capture of skilled and highly professional partners and establishment of stable relations with them for implementation of the main stages of specialized projects.

We assume that we will reach the greatest success, quality and flexibility in work if high level of professionalism is kept in focused engineering area with the assumption of keeping the frames of a medium-sized engineering company with highly skilled and permanent staff.

We constantly analyze and introduce the advanced international and domestic standards and requirements for safety, as well as labor and environmental protection. In our management activity and interaction with our partners, the government and public bodies we introduce and follow high moral and ethical standards. We see our responsibility to increase the professional and engineering level of permanent staff and involved employees and increase their welfare.